No feedback or problems with the tone.

Andy Rau, 'Andy Rau Band'

Just thought I'd let you know how our concert went tonight using the pickup on my GDL. It was with our full 4 piece band. Bass, banjo, guitar and mandolin. Bass is electric and the guitar used his own amp and I used my Fender twin reverb. What a great sound and blend we all got thanks to the Kavanjo pickup. It was a full/fat, warm sound yet almost like we were playing in our own living room. The sound bleeding through the mics really gave me the sound I've been looking for, with the band. Absolutely no problems like other pickups... no feedback or problems with the tone.... I find that I use the place by the neck for that warm hollow sound and in about the middle of the head for most of my solos. So by getting close to the pickup for the "neck sound" and then playing half way between the pickup and the bridge I can duplicate the same tones I would get without the pickup... with a little listening and practice the non pickup sounds can be used, but with the advantages of the pickup. Thought I'd share my experience tonight with you, we had a great crowd and many commented on the pickup and our sound.