Frequently Asked Questions

Magnetic pickups, are nothing new to the millions of guitarist in the world, their dependability and versatility is undisputed. Finally this style of pickup, with all it's potential has been applied to the acoustic banjo. The Kavanjo Pickup System, is a magnetic pickup based on a humbucker style. And just like those guitarist, the Kavanjo helps the banjoist finally compete in live venues previously reserved for higher volume instruments. It does this while maintaining the banjo's unique sound. Giving banjo players the confidence to tackle outside venues and large concert halls with a tool that has been lacking for decades. It provides studio musicians an infinite number of sound possibilities and offers those of us that will never 'play out' ...hours of entertainment in the privacy of our own homes. I have compiled a handful of commonly asked question to help with getting the most out of your Kavanjo Pickup System, as well as a few good user tips.



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