Output Options


Head Mount™

The Kavanjo Head Mount, our original output jack option is the system that requires the least time to install. Replace the head, connect the ground wire and you are up and running! This output is great for banjos that do not have a die cast flange, or the player that likes the look of the jack on the top of the instrument, reminiscent to the hollow body guitars of the 1960's.


Flange Mount™

The Kavanjo Flange Mount, was our answer to a request for a jack option for those who have a cast flange. Deering, Gibson, Stelling, Huber and many more can use this output jack, known for it's stability and inconspicuous design, shown here in a Deering Tenbrooks flange.

(we must mention that most resonators' interior have ample room for the modified jack, but there are instruments that need a small portion on the non-visible interior of the resonator to be removed for this output jack to seat correctly)

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Velcro Mount™

The Kavanjo Velcro Mount, is our newest output option. This jack is for open back banjos. This system relies on Velcro straps to hold the barrel jack securely to a wood dowel or steel co-ordinator rod. This setup is very popular with Clawhammer and Frailing style players.

Kavanjo only uses Switchcraft jacks made in America.