It still sounds like my banjo...

Nicky, Boston, Massachusetts

Even though our band does the 'one mic' thing it is nice to know that if the gig demanded it I could plug in. Best of all it still sounds like my banjo.


More stoked on my banjo than ever!

Paul, Phoenix, Arizona

I am even more stoked on my banjo than ever! To be able to run my Goodtime through my amp with some effects exceeded expectations. My friend installed the Kavanjo (which comes mounted on its own customized head) and I had it to play in my show that night.


Oh, I have got to get me one of these!

Greg, Bountiful, Utah

I could not believe it, when I first played a banjo loaded with a Kavanjo all I could say was "Oh, I have got to get me one of these!"


Whoa! It performs even beyond my wildest imagination.

Kim, Jefferson, Oregon

I finished installing my Kavanjo pickup today on my Gibson Granada. Easy installation, your instructions were complete and easy to follow. Then I plugged it into my Digitech 250 on the way to my Fender Deville. Whoa! It performs even beyond my wildest imagination. I cannot imagine not having this pickup when I'm on stage from now on. I can't believe the difference between it and my previous peizo pickup. Anybody serious about amplifying their acoustic banjo needs one of these. I can't thank you enough!


It is absolutely excellent.

Gene, Palo Alto, California

I've been able to use the Kavanjo for four days now and it really is outstanding I plugged it into my amp with good volume with no feedback "Wow" all my other pickups have feedback! One of the things I like about the Kavanjo pickup system is that it's totally transparent and the only difference unplugged and hooking it up to my acoustic amp is it just sounds louder....it is absoultely excellent.


Best pickup I've tried so far.

JJ Bongshang

I'm using one just now to play with our full electric band (drums included). It's fantastic in that situation. No feedback, and a nice clear sound. As with any pickup, it'll never sound exactly like an acoustic banjo, but as anyone who's tried pickups realises, it's a compromise between sound level output and banjo sound. The kavanjo pickup gives you plenty of clean output level, which can be tweaked to your hearts content. Fitting was really easy, but then I'm using a Nechville Phantom, famous for the easy head changes. P.S. I don't think it's overpriced at all. Best pickup I've tried so far for my situation (twenty two years of tryin'!) All in all, I'm really happy with it. John Kavanagh is a super nice guy to deal with.


I'm now able to emulate the natural sound of my acoustic banjo.

Mark W. Clifford 'Bruce Springsteen's Seeger Sessions Album Band'

I've been trying to amplify my banjo for over three decades with mostly disappointing results. When my old friends from Cowtown asked me to join them for a reunion at the legendary Stone Pony is Asbury Park, NJ, I realized that my usual amplification methods weren't going to cut it. I was intrigued by your concept and purchased the Kavanjo system, custom installed into a StewMac 5-Star head, and mounted it to my vintage Baldwin Ode Style D. With careful application of some parametric EQ and a volume pedal, I'm now able to emulate the natural sound of my acoustic banjo at phenomenally high volumes. The recordings from the gig reveal a very natural sounding banjo right out there with the Les Paul, Tele and Emmons guitars over a rock rhythm section. Thanks for building a great product that opens up a world of possibilities for acoustic banjo players everywhere.


I'm so happy with how it sounds.

Brian Swenk 'Big Daddy Love Band'

I wanted to play a lot of shows with it before making a report back. I think Jens says that it can take YEARS before a person gets to know an instrument, and I do agree. So after about 30 or 40 shows, I just wanted to write and give you some feedback. As far as the Kavanjo system goes, I had super-high expectations that I didn't think could be met. But so far, it really has met them, I'm so happy with how it sounds. It plays great and I love how it sounds acoustically as well. I'll use the banjo for acoustic gigs in a heartbeat, and that means a lot to me. Thanks


The Kavanjo allows me to be heard!

Ryan Sharp 'Hoist The Colors Band'

I just want to thank you. I bought a pick up from you a few months back and I absolutely love it. I have played it live about 10 times now, and people are constantly commenting on how good my banjo sounds. I play in a band named Hoist the Colors, a 7-piece folk/irish band. My banjo is always competing to be heard over the drums, electric guitar and bass. The Kavanjo allows me to be heard, without taking away from the true banjo sound.


No feedback or problems with the tone.

Andy Rau, 'Andy Rau Band'

Just thought I'd let you know how our concert went tonight using the pickup on my GDL. It was with our full 4 piece band. Bass, banjo, guitar and mandolin. Bass is electric and the guitar used his own amp and I used my Fender twin reverb. What a great sound and blend we all got thanks to the Kavanjo pickup. It was a full/fat, warm sound yet almost like we were playing in our own living room. The sound bleeding through the mics really gave me the sound I've been looking for, with the band. Absolutely no problems like other pickups... no feedback or problems with the tone.... I find that I use the place by the neck for that warm hollow sound and in about the middle of the head for most of my solos. So by getting close to the pickup for the "neck sound" and then playing half way between the pickup and the bridge I can duplicate the same tones I would get without the pickup... with a little listening and practice the non pickup sounds can be used, but with the advantages of the pickup. Thought I'd share my experience tonight with you, we had a great crowd and many commented on the pickup and our sound.


Thank goodness there is finally a great pickup that amplifies the tonal warmth and power of the banjo!

David Holt

The banjo is a fairly loud instrument acoustically but very difficult to amplify. Through a mic the banjo often sounds harsh and thin. Most banjo pickups over emphasize the treble tone of the instrument and miss the tonal depth. The Kavanjo pickup gets it just right....your banjo only louder! When I am playing a concert we often play for 2000 people, sometimes and many as 250,000. A mic just won't deliver the full tonal range of the banjo when it is cranked for giant audiences. Even in these extreme situations the Kavanjo performs perfectly. It allows me to keep the banjo in the mix even when Doc is plugged in and at high volume. Thank goodness there is finally a great pickup that amplifies the tonal warmth and power of the banjo!