Installing and re-installing a Kavanjo Banjo Pickup System

Step by Step instructions for installation of the Kavanjo Banjo pickup system.

Step 1

Place banjo on a flat, wide, soft surface.

Step 2

Remove strings by reducing tension and detach from tail piece.

Step 3

Remove resonator and place to the side.

Step 4

Remove tail piece and arm rest, place to the side.

Step 5

Turn banjo over and with correct size socket wrench/key start loosening all lug nuts, place in bowl to the side.

Step 6

Remove hoop slowly,  see if old head will easily remove as well. Some banjos need the coordinator rod(s) loosened to remove head. Set the original head off to the side

(if not replacing the pickup from one head to another, proceed to step 9)

Swapping the Kavanjo Pickup from the old head to a new head

Step 7

With the 4-40 hex wrench (1/16") in one hand and holding the Kavanjo pickup in the other (from the bottom side of the banjo head) slowly unscrew all black 4-40 screws from the original head and set aside in a bowl.

Step 8

While holding the pickup in one hand, line up the holes of the pickup with the holes on the new customized Kavanjo banjo head. Slowly add the 4-40 screws. The o-rings on the pickup and the holes in the head should line up, the screw should easily fall into the threads of the pickup, with help from the magnetic force. If it does not feel smooth or starts to bind, back off the screw and approach the pickup again... Be Patient !!! if cross threading occurs through force, the pickup could be permanently damaged, so please "GO SLOW"

Step 9

Place new Kavanjo head on rim, pressing head firmly and evenly down on the rim. Make sure the center reference line on the Kavanjo banjo head is centered with the neck.

Step 10

When confident banjo head is not going to shift or move off the banjo rim add hoop.

Step 11

Hold hoop with one hand and with the other hand add lug nuts one at a time, repeat this in all four corners, hand tight. Then add remaining lugs hand tight.

Step 12

Start tightening lugs clockwise with socket wrench/key with very little tension at first. Repeat process, turning banjo over between complete head rotations. Stop tightening just below desired head tension, Remembering  the strings via the bridge will add a fare amount of pressure. Over tightening can stifle the low end of the banjo tone. It is always easier to tune the head up, than trying to reduce an over tightened head.

Step 13

Reconnect output jack, tailpiece, add strings and place bridge. Bring strings up to pitch.

Step 14

Reattach arm rest, turn banjo over and increase head tension to desired pitch.

Step 15

Attach ground wire from Kavanjo output jack to any metal inside banjo i.e. flange lugs or coordinator rod